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Every company will encounter expressed and implied contracts. Businesses are built upon agreements with individuals and organizations. When there’s an agreement between two parties, a transaction of some sort is made. For most companies, the agreement is mutually beneficial and allows both parties to prosper. When a party does not follow their promise or oversteps the deal, there can be significant repercussions.

Contract law is a foundational element in all business relationships and will require business owners to take significant care of the agreements they enter. Working with a Pleasant Grove agreement and contracts lawyer will provide you with the tools and resources you need for a successful partnership. Speak with a legal professional at Cardon Law for more information on how a representative can help you.

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It begins by asking the right questions – and listening carefully – to ensure your needs are appropriately met. This may include gaining clarity on your legacy. And making deliberate moves to promote family harmony. For entrepreneurs with complex financial situations – including multi-general wealth – it may be necessary to take special steps to avoid loss, over-taxation, or theft.

Jeffrey ensures the most basic part of your estate plan – your will – fully considers potential contingencies and reflects your wishes. If a trust is appropriate, in plain English, he’ll walk you through your options, make it easier to arrive at the right decision, and put your trust in place. And if a business succession plan makes sense, this veteran entrepreneur will ensure your legacy isn’t put at risk down the road.


Four Key Components When Creating a Contract

  • Offer: When making an offer, you have to identify and write up the terms and conditions that make it work. This is an exercise in thoroughness. Thin deals can be elegant, but will many times fail to account for the assumptions that make a deal profitable. Depending on the other party’s interests, they will usually accept, reject, or counteroffer.
  • Acceptance: If the individual or organization accepts the offer, the contract is complete and works as an official encapsulation of the agreement. They will need to inform the other party of their acceptance of the offer with the conditions stated. However, if they do not accept the terms of the offer, they may send back the agreement for negotiations.
  • Consideration: A contract’s consideration is what each party agrees to pay or give up the formation of a contract. Contracts are legal agreements that bind the parties to perform an exchange of some kind, some form of consideration is always required.
  • Contract Intent: Contracts are mutual agreements both parties consent and sign. In order to have a valid contract, all parties must follow the regulations stated. However, a contract works as a statement of intent regardless of whether there is a mutual agreement to enter into a contract.

Why Hire A Pleasant Grove Agreements & Contracts Lawyer?

Contracts are complex legal documents that have a significant impact on the future of your company. Having an experienced legal professional on your side throughout the agreement process will substantially increase the likelihood of a successful outcome for you and your company.

Consider the following reasons to hire a agreements and contracts lawyer in Pleasant Grove, Utah:

Help You Understand the Contract

Numerous unfamiliar terminology, laws, and other information are essential when creating a contract. Individuals unfamiliar with contract law may have difficulty understanding the agreement's intricacies without a legal representative.

Identify and Resolve Potential Liability Issues

An essential part of a business lawyer's job when drafting a contract is to analyze and assess any gaps in the discussion that may lead to issues in a contract if not addressed. In some cases, the legal writing may be unclear or purposefully incomprehensible. However, a legal professional can point out the inadequate legal writing and adjust the contract before you sign.

Ensure the Validity and Legality of the Contract

A business agreement, transaction, and contract may significantly alter important elements of your company. Without someone familiar with the strategies and challenges of business law, you may harm your organization, employees, and reputation. To ensure the contract is valid and enforceable, your lawyer will analyze the document for any details that don’t meet legal standards.

Aware of New Regulations and Applicable Laws

Laws can change throughout their time, and for your contract to have a valid agreement, the laws in the document must represent those standards. Your lawyer will need to make sure that any state or federal laws in the document are applicable and enforceable.

Offers Knowledgeable Guidance and Suggestions

The vast amount of information, experience, and knowledge that contact lawyers have on the legal complexities of business agreements will provide clients with the resources they need for a successful contract. Having someone with a thorough understanding of contract law guide you through the process will significantly help your business.

Advocate for You and Your Company

It’s important to have someone on your team who thoroughly understands contract law. If a breach of contract or piece of information negatively affects you and your company, your lawyer will fight for your rights and advocate for what your company needs to succeed.

Negotiations are vital for contract law, and without a legal professional on your side, you may enter into an agreement that damages your company. Contact a lawyer as soon as possible to have them analyze your situation and determine your best course of action.

An attorney for every phase of your entrepreneurial life.

An attorney for every phase of your entrepreneurial life.

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In order to create a detailed and valid business contract, you’ll need to consider numerous factors. With 15 years of experience advocating and guiding investors, executives, and business owners, Jeffrey Cardon has the knowledge to provide his clients with trustworthy professional legal representation. He understands the challenges his clients face when dealing with business transactions and offers clients the ability to have a stress-free business agreement.

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